Pag lace

The specificity of the Pag lace is that it is considered to have roots all the way from Mycenae and that it has maintained its presence on the island since the ancient times because the first written documents about it are from the 15th century when the monastery of Benedict nuns is mentioned. The characteristic of the Pag lace is that there were no patterns or blueprints of how to make one and the sample of making a lace was passed down from generation to generation, from mother to daughter.The lace was introduced for the first time on an art show in 1880. In the period from 1906 until 1943, the lace was shown on numerous art shows around the world, London, New York, Budapest, Belgrade, Vienna, Milan, and Prague. On the Paris art show held in 1937 in Paris it won the gold plaque as a truly precious handicraft.The empress Mary Teresis had a woman from Pag in her Vienna palace that made the laces for the needs of the palace.